Kemerovo Region


The target development model of the Kemerovo region defines the following development priorities:

  • Kemerovo is the only city beyond the Urals, through which the federal highway Moscow — Vladivostok passes by 2024, it is expected to complete the construction of a bypass road;
  • the Siberian Art Cluster will be created in Kuzbass;
  • to improve the quality and availability of medical services in Kuzbass, 16 new healthcare facilities will be created;
  • by 2035, the tourist complex of Kuzbass will be represented by: the tourist and recreation cluster “Gornaya Shoriya” and 11 natural and recreational areas;
  • until 2024, it is planned to implement at least 136 investment projects in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, oil refining, chemical industry and other industries;
  • for five years in Kuzbass more than 9 thousand highly productive workplaces will be created due to the opening and expanding large enterprises. Another 4,500 seats are in the agro-industrial complex.


  • In order to develop key areas of the Innovative Development Program of PJSC IDGC of Siberia on thetransition to digital active-adaptive electric grids with an intelligent management system, in the period from 2019 to 2024 more than 2.5 billion rubles will be allocated to the formation of a digital grid. Including measures for technical re-equipment of 35-110 kV substations, for the implementation of measures to equip in full TP 6-10 / 0.4 kV with devices for technical metering of electric energy.
  • In the field of public utilities, it is planned to replace and build new elements of engineering infrastructure, especially in municipalities with high grid wear (Leninsk-Kuznetsky, Mezhdurechensky, Prokopyevsky municipal districts — wear degree more than 70-80%)., Prokopievsky districts carried out the reconstruction of distribution grids with a capacity of 10 kV providing electricity to housing and utilities facilities with a length of 40 km in the amount of 89.944 million rubles.
  • During 2018 −2019, as part of the development of charging infrastructure for electric transport, installation of 11 charging stations in the amount of 11.080 million rubles was implemented.

In the framework of the implementation of pilots project “Digital PDZ” planned to complete in 2020 Chita Distribution Zone of Central Electric Grids and creation of pilot zone of distribution grids from 35/10 kV Verkh-Chita substation (Chitaenergo).


For the first time in 15 years, another remote settlement of the Tashtagol District of the Kemerovo Region was transferred to centralized power supply. This correlates with the direction of the Strategy (creation of a tourist and recreational cluster Mountain Shoria). In the village of Ust-Kabyrz, the power engineers put into operation new distribution grids as part of an investment project to improve the reliability of electricity supply in the village of Ust-Kabyrs and transfer the village of Parlagol to centralized power supply. In Kuzbass, a network of filling stations for electric vehicles was created in 2018.

The development of our region and the improvement of the quality of life of Kuzbass people is our main priority, and today we have taken another step towards the realization of this goal. Sheregesh has already become a brand of Kuzbass, a growth point for the development of Russian tourism. High-quality and reliable power supply to remote villages will help develop ecotourism, thereby giving another impetus to the development of the south of Kuzbass.
Sergey Tsivilev Governor of the Kemerovo Region