The company actively uses existing technical capabilities and unique competencies of highly qualified employees to develop additional services. Among the most sought-after were: testing electrical equipment and elements of electrical networks, the provision of road transport services, installation and replacement of metering devices, customer disconnection/connection services, the provision of a diesel generator set (display electronic unit), analysis of transformer oil, development of design and estimate documentation in 2018. The consumer service center, consumer offices and PDZ on the stands and on the Company's website contain information about the additional services provided. The site also provides information on the cost of services. Customer service centers provide verbal information to consumers applying for technological connection about the possibility of obtaining services related to technological connection and other types of additional services implemented by the Company's branches.

At the end of 2018, revenue from the sale of additional services amounted to 661 mln rub. The largest share is accounted for by services on changing network topologies (under reorganization agreements) – 59% (388 mln rub.).

Revenue from additional services, mln rub.
Revenue from additional services, excluding network topologies services, mln rub.
Revenue from services of agreements for rearegement, mln rub.

Services for leasing facilities of subsidiaries and affiliates, such as: placement of advertising structures, fiber-optic communication cable on OHL, provision of autonomous sources of capacity supply, etc., amounted to 10% of revenue (66 mln rub.). Less demand was services for the construction of capacity grid facilities (7% of revenue), services for limiting / renewing the mode of electricity consumption (5%). During 2018, consumers of five branches took advantage of the service for carrying out work attributed to the applicant’s competence in implementing technological connection (including the turnkey technological connection service), 774 applications were executed for a total amount of 23 mln rub. (4% of revenue). which is 15% higher than the level of revenue received in 2017.