Social Investments into the Presence Regions

For the purpose of improvement of a level of communications with service consumers, monitoring of public opinion of the quality of services rendered, and timely settlement of current conflict situations during work with consumers, the Company uses face-to-face and distance communication channels. Such communications and client-oriented approach enables the Company to interact with consumers in 24 × 7 × 365 format by means of face-to-face servicing – personal contact of consumers with Company employees – and distance servicing: unified contact center, Internet reception desk of the Director General or a branch director, Personal Account, Online Consulting, Email services and postal messages. Application are processed and considered in accordance with the Uniform Service Quality Standards. Moreover, in order to improve quality of consideration and adoption of measures based on service consumers’ applications, improve a level of consumers’ satisfaction with service quality and increase a level of loyalty to the Company in the presence regions of the branches and JSC Tyvaenergo, public meetings, live phone-ins and personal meetings of managers with different target categories of consumers are held.

Based on results of 2018, the share of complaints obtained from consumers (7,640 pcs.) amounted to 2% of the total number of applications.

Most complaints were related to the issues of technological connection (25%), electric power transmission (24%) and electric power cutoff (19%). A smaller share was formed by complaints on the issues of commercial accounting (13%) and maintenance of electric grid facilities (14%).

All the consumers’ complaints were answered. For all rightful complaints, corrective actions were executed or planned to be executed.

PJSC IDGC of Siberia rendered charitable assistance in the amount of RUB 38,750 thsd to various organizations, including Charitable Fund for Naval Fleet Support CRUISER VARYAG.

In 2018, PJSC IDGC of Siberia became a general partner of the Contest Sibir.PRO held from 2006 with support of an authorized representative of the President of Russia in the Siberian Federal District.

The contest is aimed at the unification of efforts of governmental authorities and local government bodies, business structures and mass media in solving priority state tasks. It popularizes positive experience of implementing programs for socioeconomic development, as well as projects revealing the potential and determining the perspectives of the territories in Siberia. The motto of the project is “Power, business and mass media: partnership for the sake of stability and prosperity of Siberia!”

Participants of the main journalistic contest of Siberia are presented by printed, electronic and network mass media from all 12 regions of the district – all in all, about 159 participants. 766 applications were filed.

During XIII contest Sibir.PRO, a new nomination called PRO Svet was introduced by the general partner of the project PJSC IDGC of Siberia. The winner was an author from “Trans-Baikal Information Agency”, Elena Khzanyan, with her work “Transformer Substations Are Not a Playground”.

«Thanks to the contest Sibir.PRO we obtained dozens of works on our industry development, construction of facilities and heroic power men — wonderful journalistic materials having received a high appraisal of the expert community. But the winner’s work was devoted to prevention of child injury and differed from other works with its nonstandard and creative approach. This topic is very important, serious and sensitive. Assistance rendered by mass media and public in the prevention of child electric injury is priceless and helps to preserve health and lives of our children.»
Vitaly Ivanov Director General of PJSC IDGC of Siberia