Industrial Safety and Labor Protection

During the reporting period in PJSC IDGC of Siberia there are no:

  • Facts of accidents and incidents occurring at hazardous production facility
  • Cases of damage to the life and health of employees, the environment, as well as the property of the Company and third parties from the impact of negative consequences of incidents and accidents
Scope of expenses for the programs, thsd RUB
Program name 2016 2017 2018 2018 (plan)
Industrial safety





Occupational safety
Health (occupational diseases)

Increase in expenses is related to implementation of activities aimed at the liquidation of injury-risk equipment. All the branches have performed installation and restoration of safety interlocks at substations 35 kW and above; replacement of transformer substations having integrated power transformer cameras and switchgears 6-20 kW with transformer substations having low-voltage inputs laid inside switchgears 6-20 kW.

In accordance with Cl. 226 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, financing for improvement of labor conditions and labor protection in branches and the Company in general is implemented in the amount of minimum 0.2% of the amount of expenses for production of goods (works, services).

Special Evaluation of Labor Conditions (SELC)

In the Company, a total of 18,013 workplaces are subject to SELC, of which a SELC/ARM was conducted at 18,013 workplaces. According to the results of SELC, 2,562 workplaces that do not meet the regulatory requirements for labor protection, employing 2,666 workers, have been identified.

The main causes of non-compliance of workplaces with the requirements of occupational safety are the following harmful (dangerous) factors: noise; vibration; infrasound; tension and severity of the labor process (jobs: electricians for repair of overhead lines, electricians for operation of distribution networks, electricians for repair of equipment of switchgears); non-ionizing radiation, illumination (workstations of engineering technicians).

Employees who perform their duties at workplaces that do not comply with state regulatory requirements for labor protection are paid compensation for work in harmful labor conditions, are provided with additional leaves, milk or other equivalent products. The problematic (controversial) moments during the SELC in 2018 were not identified.


Number of cases of occupational traumatism of employees 2016 2017 2018
Minor 2 4 0
Severe 0 1 1
Fatal (specify the region and sex) 4 1 3
Injury rateInjury rate = N × 1000 / N (N – number of occupational incidents for the reporting period with loss of labor capacity for one and more days taken into account, Ч – average number of staff) 0.303 0.300 0.200
Traumatism severity rateTraumatism severity rate = D / N (D – total number of days of incapacity for work for all cases; N – total number of incidents) 0.202 0.050 0.150

Main reasons of accidents of 2018 are as follows:

  • Failure to implement organizational and technical activities in full
  • Failure to exercise constant control over work of crew members on the part of a supervisor in charge for works and a superintendant
  • Absence of mutual control and self-control on the part of crew members
  • Permission for workplace preparation and admission to work under a work permit issued with violations
  • Failure to ensure safe performance of works at intermediate reinforced concrete supports in accordance with a work permit

Activities on Prevention of Analogous Incidents:

  • Adjustment is made: CO 3.047/0 “Organization of Supervisors’ Work. Regulation”, CO 5.038 “Operational and Technological Management”
  • Requirement on a necessity to specify information on the availability of injury-risk equipment in the line “Special Notes” of a work permit is introduced
  • Warning safety signs “Caution! Injury-risk equipment” are placed on injury-risk equipment of transformer substations 35-110 kW
  • In 2018 operational and operational-repair personnel and operations supervisors from the master category of branches passed training on the subject: Conscious Safety
  • Bonus award criteria “Absence of the Injured during Industrial Incidents” were introduced for all employees
  • In October 2018, a delegation was sent from PJSC IDGC of Siberia to the branch of PJSC IDGC of Volga – Orenburgenergo – in order to adopt positive experience of work in the sphere of labor safety. Based on the results of the trip, an organizational and administrative document containing an action plan aimed at the improvement of efficiency of the occupational safety management system was created
  • In January 2019, external audit of a status of labor safety in subdivisions of the branch of PJSC IDGC of Siberia – Buryatenergo – was held, during which reasons of incidents, standards, provisions and other organizational and administrative documents of the Company in the sphere of labor safety were analyzed. Based on the audit results, mechanisms for corporate culture implementation via a training center with compulsory involvement of lecturers from among specialists of the branch and Company executive body were designed

Plans for 2019:

  • In July 2019, for the purpose of adoption of experience, it is planned to visit companies with advanced experience in the field of labor safety, such as EVRAZ and JSC GAZPROM.
  • Road map with terms of work completion in December 2019 is designed to implement the project “digital electrician”. This project will enable not just to see a level of professional training of electric personnel, but also to have efficient impact on the increase of personnel qualification
  • Moreover, by the present moment, mobile application “digital engineer” is launched in the test mode, which will enable to improve a level of control and responsibility on the part of operational personnel and to prevent gross violations of organizational and technical events ensuring safe performance of works

In order to secure the priority of preservation of Company employees’ life and health in relation to any other results of labor activity, in 2018 in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 197-FZ as of 30.12.2001 “Labor Code of the Russian Federation”, work on maintenance of safe labor conditions at workplaces and prevention of occupational traumatism and third-party traumatism at Company facilities was performed, including measures of “Complex Program for Reduction of Risks Related to Traumatism of Personnel of PJSC IDGC of Siberia” and third parties at electric grid facilities of the Company” were taken in full.

The Complex Program for Reduction of Risks Related to Traumatism of Personnel of PJSC IDGC of Siberia for 2018 provided for 224 measures.

Reasons and circumstances of incidents occurred with employees of S&A of PJSC “Russian Grids” in 2018 were analyzed with Company personnel. Facts of failure to analyze reasons and circumstances of incidents and to file to the personnel operational and informational messages on incidents occurred in 2018 are not revealed.