Remuneration Payable to Members of the Revision Commission

Validity of the Regulation on payment of remuneration and compensations to members of the Revision Commission of PJSC IDGC of Siberia (restated)Approved by resolution of the annual General Shareholders Meeting of PJSC IDGC of Siberia as of 08.06.2018shall apply to members of Company Revision Commission, not classified as persons in respect of which the federal law provides for a limitation or a prohibition for obtaining any payments from commercial organizations.

Remuneration shall be paid to a member of Company Revision Commission based on results of its work during a corporate year and depends on a degree of its participation in work of the Revision Commission.

Remuneration payable to a member of the Revision Commission is determined according to a basic part of remuneration (Rbase) defined depending on Company profit for the financial year calculated according to RAS and in accordance with the scale given below:

Group Amount of Company profit for the financial year Amount of basic part of remuneration
1 more than RUB 200 bln RUB 150,000
2 more than RUB 30 bln RUB 135,000
3 more than RUB 10 bln RUB 120,000
4 more than RUB 1 bln RUB 105,000
5 more than RUB 600 mln RUB 90,000

Personal participation coefficient (Cp) is calculated by the Chairman of the Revision Commission and notified to the sole executive body of the Company.

Remuneration shall be paid within thirty (30) calendar days after the annual General Shareholders Meeting of the Company and submission of the calculation of personal participation coefficient Cp for members of the Revision Commission by the Chairman of the Revision Commission to the sole executive body of the Company.

Members of the Revision Commission to which restrictions, in case of visiting of Company facilities, participation in meetings of Company Revision Commission held at the place of Company actual location, as well as performance of other tasks of Company Revision Commission, do not apply, shall receive compensation of documentary proved expenses related to participation in events of Company Revision Commission.

A member of the Revision Commission of the Company may refuse from remuneration and compensations provided for in the Regulation partially or in full by filing the relevant application in the name of the sole executive body of the Company.