Authorized Capital

Authorized Capital of the Company
Name of the indicator As of 31.12.2018
ordinary share privileged share
State registration number of issue (additional issue) 1-01-12044-F 2-01-12044-F
Number of ordinary shares issued, ea 94,815,163,249 5,071,030,570100% of privileged shares belongs to PJSC “Russian Grids”
Size of the Authorized Capital, RUB 9,481,516,324.9 507,103,057
Nominal value per share, RUB 0.10 0.10
Number of authorized shares, ea 1,157,512,902 0
Information on number of registered personsThe information is given as of 31.12.2018, exclusive of data on nominee holders’ clients
Type of shareholders Number of holders Number of shares, ea Share in the authorized capital, %
ordinary privileged
Shareholders – natural persons: 24,773 2,144,750,080 0 2.15
including non-residents of the RF 44 12,648,989 0 0.01
including residents of the RF 24,689 2,132,101,091 0 2.14
Shareholders – legal entities: 166 283,898,227 0 0.28
including non-residents of the RF 16 53,511,341 0 0.05
including residents of the RF 150 230,386,886 0 0.23
Nominee shareholders: 7 92,378,180,379 5,071,030,570 97.57
Securities of non-corporate entities – legal entity 1 8,334,563
Pledge holders: 6 0 0 0.000
Issuer account: 1 0 0 0.000
Total: 24,907 94,815,163,249 5,071,030,570 100.000
Information on a share in the authorized capital belonging to registered persons holding more than 5% of the Company shares
Shareholder name Share in the authorized capital, %
31.12.2017 31.12.2018
Limited Liability Company and Depositarnyie Korporativnyie Tekhnologii (nominee holder) 60.12 60.12
Non-Banking Credit Organization Closed Joint Stock Company National Settlement Depository 37.42 37.44
Total: 97.54 97.56
Changes in composition of persons entitled to directly or indirectly dispose of at least 5% of votes that account for Company voting sharesAs of the last date of formation of a list of persons entitled to participate in the General Shareholders Meeting
Shareholder As of 23.05.2017Dates of formation of a list of persons entitled to participate in the General Shareholders Meeting are specified As of 14.05.2018Dates of formation of a list of persons entitled to participate in the General Shareholders Meeting are specified Changes, %
Share, % Share, %
PJSC “Russian Grids” 55.59 55.59 0
ERGLIS LIMITED 21.17 21.17 0
AIM Capital SE 8.82 19.21 +10.39
Information on a share in authorized capital of the Company being federally owned, owned by constituent territories of the Russian Federation, being a municipal property
Shareholder name Number of ordinary shares, ea Share in the authorized capital, %
Russian Federation in a person of Federal Agency for State Property Control (federal property) 52,611,656 0.0526716
Altay Region in a person of Main Directorate of Property Relations of Altay Region (property of constituent territories of the Russian Federation) 3,154 0.0000032
Omsk City Municipal Institution, Omsk Region, in a person of Department of Property Relationships within Omsk City Administration (municipal property) 221,344 0.0002216
Total 52,836,154 0.0528964