Evaluation by the Audit Committee of External and Internal Audit Efficiency

In accordance with the Program on Internal Audit Quality Guarantee and Upgrade of PJSC IDGC of SiberiaApproved by the Company Board of Directors on 26.12.2016 (Minutes No. 216/16 dated 28.12.2016), feedback from the Audit Committee shall be received by head of the internal audit in various forms during interaction with the Audit Committee, including analysis of decisions/recommendations of the Audit Committee on the issues relating to the competence of internal audit, as well as by means of questioning of members of the Audit Committee.

Within the frames of self-evaluation of internal audit performance for 2018, the results of questioning of members of the Audit Committee were obtained, in accordance with which the level of satisfaction of the Audit Committee with the results of performance of Company Internal Audit Subdivision in 2018 is “compliant”.

In accordance with the Regulation on the Audit Committee within the Board of Directors of PJSC IDGC of SiberiaApproved by the Company Board of Directors on 29.02.2016, inclusive of amendments introduced by resolution of the Board of Directors on 26.10.2016 (Minutes No. 208/16 dated 28.10.2016), the Audit Committee shall evaluate external audit efficiency.

The issue of external audit efficiency for 2018 was considered by the Audit CommitteeMinutes No. 111 dated 17.04.2019. By virtue of the decision, the Auditor’s Opinion and procedures implemented by Company external auditor during auditing of Company accounting (financial) statements for 2018 are deemed compliant with the terms of the agreement and requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.