Work with Specialized Universities

IDGC of Siberia actively uses potential of universities in the Siberian region to develop its personnel potential. Agreements on cooperation are made with nine universities. In 2018, 323 young specialists from among the graduates were employed.

Within the frames of university programs, Company specialists annually implement a lot of measures, such as:

  • Professional orientation of high school students and students of specialized educational institutions (including participation in the work of admission commissions of specialized educational institutions). In 2018, 272 schools were covered, 252 excursions were held, and students were involved into 28 activities on professional orientation. All in all, 11,267 pupils and students took part in the professional-orientation program
  • Organization of student power crews and on-the-job training of students from specialized educational institutions. In 2018, 417 people took part in the power crews, and 1,516 people passed on-the-job training
  • Formation of Company candidate pool from among students of specialized educational institutions receiving corporate scholarship. Placement of the reservist list on the Company website. Company candidate pool in 2018 included 300 young specialists
  • Updating training and practical programs of specialized educational institutions, including equipment in classrooms, laboratories and departments. Organization of teachers’ training, formation of topics for graduate qualification papers, and participation in state examination commissions

In 2018, a training polygon was established on the base of Chita Polytechnic College, the Institute of Power Supply of Industrial Enterprises at Altay State University was equipped, and the polygon on the base of Buryat Republican Industrial College was equipped. These activities were cost-free for the Company due to transfer of discarded equipment.