Capacity tramsmission


Productive activity results for 2018
Region Grid output, million kWh Grid input to consumers and related Local Grid Operator within the balance sheet and operation responsibility, million kWh Loss
million kWh Δ,%
Altay Region (Altayenergo) 7,668.58 7,126.67 541.91 7.07
Republic of Buryatia (Buryatenergo) 4,504.85 4,83.42 321.44 7.14
Republic of Altay (Gorno-Altayskiye Capacity Grids) 545.13 462.12 83.01 15.23
Krasnoyarsk Region (Krasnoyarskenergo) 14,386.97 12,777.83 1,609.14 11.18
Kemerovo Region (Kuzbassenergo — Regional Electric Grids) 16,87.75 15,544.85 642.90 3.97
Omsk Region (Omskenergo) 8,839.22 8,233.54 605.67 6.85
Republic of Khakassia (Khakasenergo) 2,954.79 2,45.08 209.71 7.10
Zabaikalye Region (Chitaenergo) 6 215,25 5 632,43 582,82 9,38
PJSC IDGC of Siberia 61 302,54 56 705,95 4 596,59 7,50

In 2018 The scope of electricity supply from the grid to consumers and related Local Grid Operator within the balance sheet and operation responsibility amounted to 56.705.95 million kWh. which is 5.58% less than the result of the previous year. The electricity supply decrease from the network was reglistered in Republic of Khakassia (Khakasenergo). The decrease is due to exclusion of the last mile in corpore from July 2018 in the amount of 4.341.455 million kWh

The reliability of the Company’s transmission facilities is ensured by the timely implementation of the repair program. technological re-equipment and reconstruction of obsolete assets. Elimination of identified defects and the restoration of equipment life are carried out within framework of the repair program. and replacement of the most critical networks and equipment is carried out under the technological re-equipment and reconstruction program. The implementation of the 2018 repair program amounted to 4.1 billion rubles. (116% of plan).