In the reporting year, the Regulation on PJSC IDGC of Siberia Dividend Policy, in accordance with which Company dividend policy shall be based on the following principles, was approved:

  • compliance of the adopted Company practice of accrual and payment of dividends with the legislation of the Russian Federation and corporate management standards;
  • best combination of Company and shareholders’ interests;
  • best configuration of interests of Company and shareholders;
  • dividends shall not be less than 50% of net profit determined according to data of financial statements, including consolidated one, prepared in accordance with International Standards of Financial Reporting and calculated in accordance with an order determined by Regulation on PJSC IDGC of Siberia Dividend Policy;
  • ensuring dividend payment with quarterly periodicity when implementing the following criteria;
  • ensuring maximal transparency (clearness) of mechanism for determination of dividend amount and procedure for its payment;
  • ensuring positive dynamics of dividend payment under the condition of growth of Company net profit;
  • availability of information for shareholders and other interested parties on Company dividend policy;
  • necessity to maintain a required level of Company financial and technical condition (implementation of Investment Program) ensuring Company development perspectives.