Personnel Assessment

Personnel, including top executives and top managers, are assessed using various methods. The main tool for assessment of a level of competence development is called “360 degrees”, implying questioning of the employee and people around. A typical questionnaire shall be filled out by the employee, its immediate supervisor, line manager, representatives of superior organizations interacting with the employee, colleagues from related subdivisions and subordinates. Based on the analysis of the questionnaires, weak and strong points of the employee are revealed and zones of its competence development are formed.

Labor efficiency, profit
Branch name 2016 2017 2018 2018 (plan) Change, % 2019 (plan)
Altay Region (Altayenergo) 845.34 879.77 857.35 908.73 –2.55 970.37
Republic of Altay (Gorno-Altayskiye Power Grids) 1,001.38 1,033.39 991.31 981.54 –4.07 1,341.72
Republic of Buryatia (Buryatenergo) 1,015.82 1,051.08 994.38 988.52 –5.39 1,092.82
Krasnoyarsk Region (Krasnoyarskenergo) 1,154.04 1,563.85 1,757.79 1,778.80 12.40 1,976.68
Kemerovo Region (Kuzbassenergo – Regional Electric Grids) 821.51 1,214.20 1,384.37 1,335.41 14.01 1,483.83
Omsk Region (Omskenergo) 1,005.52 939.92 952.28 1,036.50 1.32 1,127.43
Republic of Khakassia (Khakasenergo) 838.61 1,093.12 304.10 1,037.79 –72.18 1,440.71
Zabaikalye Region (Chitaenergo) 1,193.83 1,233.65 1,240.37 1,220.75 0.54 1,494.19
total for PJSC IDGC of Siberia 971.67 1,120.95 1,122.12 1,183.98 0.10 1,344.01

Labor efficiency is calculated as a ratio of profit (less federal grid companies and territorial grid organizations) to number of man-hours worked; this indicators directly depends on the abovementioned factors, increase in labor efficiency in this context is possible in case of increase in profit or reduction of man-hours worked.

In addition to the method “360 degrees”, specialists laying claims for career growth shall have an interview on the competences with an employee of the DPM or external experts. Moreover, psychological testing and practical testing is performed, if necessary, based on cases enabling to assess a level of competence development.

Based on the results of testing, correspondence of employees’ education and work experience to the approved qualification requirements, including professional standards, for the relevant type of activity is assessed.

In 2018, 39 people passed complex assessment, based on the results of which 1 person was transferred to a higher position and 1 person was included into the candidate pool. 212 chief engineers of production departments and regional electric grids were assessed using the method “360 degrees”.

Professional and managerial potential of chief engineers of S&A of PJSC “Russian Grids”, was assessed covering 220 persons, and 21 directors of production departments and heads of regional electric grids of the branch Chitaenergo passed psychological testing using Maintest program. Based on the results of the assessment, recommendations on the development of corporate competences were given.