Integrated quality management system

The Company has an integrated management system consisting of three components, each of which is certified according to the requirements of international standardsAll certificates are up to date. Certification was carried out by the Russian Register Certification Association in 2018.

ISO 9001 valid till 16.12.2019
ISO 50001 valid till 16.12.2019
ISO 14001 valid till 31.10.2020
  1. Quality management system
  2. The quality management system is a component of the overall management system of the Company. It is designed to ensure the high quality of the services provided in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, the needs and expectations of consumers and the satisfaction of all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, investors and partners of the Company.
  3. Environment management system
  4. Environment management system is a part of the Company's general management system, including the organizational structure, activity planning, distribution of responsibilities, practical work, as well as procedures, processes and resources for developing, implementing, evaluating the achieved results of implementation and improvement of environmental policies, goals and objectives.
  5. Energy management system
  6. Energy management system – it is a tool of the Company's general management system, which provides ongoing research that allows you to have knowledge of the distribution and levels of energy consumption in the enterprise, as well as the optimal use of energy resources for both production and non-production needs.

Integrated management system key participants:

  • Board of Directors
  • Director General and Board
  • Energy Management System Specialist
  • Owners of Business Processes
  • Internal Control Department, Risk Management and Quality Management Department
  • Structural units of the Company and its branches